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| 2013-10-17 09:01:57

Artists run initiative Satellietgroep (2006, NL) explores through arts and culture how the sea and waterways influence cities, people, communities and environments in The Netherlands and abroad. 
Our aim is to enhance public and professional awareness on coastal transitions.
'The sea belongs to everyone and thus to no one' - words that not only define the world’s largest public space but also leave it unarticulated. Oceans, seas and coastal regions are under tremendous pressure, worldwide. Faced with the prospect of global warming, economic and functional interests are competing for space. The changes anticipated are not only gargantuan but also geographically, ecologically, conceptually and philosophically unique. Shifting circumstances raise questions about new land, new (coastal) landscapes, new forms of urbanization and various new offshore projects. But the sea has a cultural significance as well. Its infinite space, timeless aura, tidal currents and empty horizon appeal to universal feelings of freedom and adventure. As our oceans stand on the threshold of great change, opportunities are emerging for new uses, different meanings and unprecedented approaches. This is the moment for a qualitative stimulus based on the development of specific characteristics of the sea from a cultural perspective. Artists, designers, architects and scientists are at the forefront of a different kind of thinking about – and a new way of experiencing - the qualities and problems of the sea.

Arts and science can express the spatial and social qualities - as well as the problems - of our coastal areas, and make them engagingly accessible to the public. These works can transform a destination normally marked by consumption and recreation into a platform for critical communication and serious reflection. This timely reflection of arts and science on spatial transition processes may act as a strong catalyst in generating public and professional discussions and connect contemporary research and new works to historic and future coastal developments. 

Since 2009 Satellietgroep developed the international artist in residency program called 'Badgast', located at the coast in The Hague/Scheveningen. Starting 2012 we initiated the international exchange project called ‘Now Wakes The Sea’ concerning the Black Sea and North Sea. In both projects artist in residencies are used as a research method. The programs enable artists/scientists to do fieldwork and to work on site with local partners and communities in order to map out, collect and research the current status of coastal transitions and to generate new perspectives which articulate a cultural, innovative and sustainable significance of the sea. This embedded research contributes to public and professional awareness. Our projects bring together different views and opens up dialogue. This method of artist in residency programs connects to the international development of artist residencies as cells of knowledge and as alternative academies.
During these residency periods new works - both conceptual and documentary - are developed that reflect upon the complex and layered coastal transitions and social/environmental developments.

Satellietgroep collects the intangible (immaterial) local knowledge derived from the artistic and scientific projects. By sharing and contextualising this knowledge on global level and connecting contemporary research and new works to historic and future coastal developments we aim to develop new insights in coastal transitions that surpasses local and national issues.  
The residents contribute with their research to the international contemporary collection on coastal transitions of Satellietgroep, which we share with broader audiences on public and professional venues through exhibitions, screening programs, debates, lectures and workshops. 

Among our Dutch partners are Trans Artist (Dutch platform for international artist in residence programs), Domein voor Kunstkritiek (Domain for Art criticism) and Reinwardt Academy (AHK, Museology and Heritage). We connect to the latest governmental and scientific developments on coastal protection by Deltaprogramma Kust (Coastal affairs of the Delta program) in association with Atelier Kustkwaliteit (Studio on Coastal Quality by the Technical University Delft).

Links to some results of Satellietgroep programs:
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