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Multiple Booklaunch @ LhGWR, The Hague

| 2013-11-02 12:04:12

NOV 22: 18:00 - 21:00

Location: LhGWR, Stationsweg 137
18:00: Dinner by 'Haagse Hapjes' 10 euro, please subscribe at
19:00 - 21:00: free program

Satellietgroep and Liefhertje en de Grote Witte Reus cordially invite you to the multiple booklaunch at Liefhertje en de Grote Witte Reus with Badgast artists in residency publications by Nishiko & Sachi Miyachi, Maarten Boswijk, Janine Schrijver, Eric van Straaten and special guest Frank van der Stok.
The presentations will be framed within the presentation of 2 new publications, about Badgast (with Studio Duel) and Now Wakes The Sea (with Jonmar van Vlijmen, Studio ICW) by Satellietgroep. | | | | |  | |

With special thanks to the municipality of The Hague.

Photo: Maarten Boswijk

Cover 'Badgast' publication, with Studio Duel

Cover 'Now Wakes The Sea - 2012' publication, with Jonmar van Vlijmen - Studio ICW.

Tatiana Fiodorava @Badgast

| 2013-10-07 10:30:32

Can you measure free coastal access?

'The Lost Sea' by Tatiane Fiodorova (MD), 2013
Starting from childhood memories during the USSR, Tatiana Fiodorova experienced free access to the Black Sea coast. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Moldova lost its sea.
You now need a passport/visa to cross borders and once at the Ukraine Black Sea shore the beach is cut up in plots of private ownership. Therefore it is no longer possible to take long hikes along the shore following the continuity of the coast.

During September 2013 Moldovan media artist and curator Fiodorova was artist in residence at Badgast (The Hague/Scheveningen, NL) on the shore of the North Sea as part of the 'Now Wakes The Sea' project. Here she reconnected with her memories of free coastal access and decided to reconstruct this quality into a performance. She measured and collected with tape the sand that stretches from boulevard to shoreline, from harbor to the Pier. The outcome are rolls of tape showing the length of the long stretches of space where you can freely move along the beach. These compressed rolls of measurement reveal the vulnerability of the precious coastal pubic access. Her confronting collection of measurements reflects the negotiations between the pressures on public and private ownership of coastal space.

Scheveningen is in fact the most regulated public space you can imagine, but within the margins of rules and restrictions the presumption of mental and physical space is kept alive.  
'The Lost Sea' by Fiodorova connects to previous Badgast projects about lack, longing and presumption of public coastal space by David Horvitz (Public Access), James Geurts (Drawing Horizon) and Francois Lombarts (Zandbar). Recently while reconstructing the boulevard the dikes and harbor head of Scheveningen are covered with sand and grass to make them appear as natural dunes. It is Disneyfication of the Dutch shores, but do we prefer to live in a make belief world?

Work 'The Lost Sea' by Tatiana Fiodorova, photo: Jhoeko.

Filmscreening 'The Lost Sea' and program Now Wakes The Sea:

Ana Tsimintia (GE) @Badgast

| 2013-08-05 15:14:29

Now Wakes The Sea @ Badgast in August 2013:
During August documentary filmmaker Ana Tsimintia from Georgia is artist in resident at Badgast (NL).

Now Wakes The Sea @ Batumi, Georgia in June/July 2013:
Artists in Residency documentairy filmmakers Astrid Bussink (NL) en Ana Tsimintia (GE) in collaboration with our cultural partner GeoAir (GE).
View NL-Georgia
View partners

View Now Wakes The Sea

Nicoleta Esinencu (MD) @Badgast

| 2013-07-05 11:38:00

Now Wakes The Sea @ Badgast, NL in July 2013:
During Juli Nicoleta Esinencu from Moldova is artist in residence @ Badgast (NL) as part of the international cultural exchange project 'Now Wakes The Sea' with cultural partner Mediart Dialogue (MD).

Now Wakes The Sea @ MOLDOVA in October 2013:
During October Maarten de Kroon (NL) will be artist in resident at Moldova.
View NL-Moldova
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View'Now Wakes The Sea'

The project NWTS is initiated by Dutch Satellietgroep and involves research based artist in residence programs for artists/architects/filmmakers in coastal transition areas in countries surrounding the Black Sea and North Sea to develop new works, select existing works and program traveling film festivals for public screenings and debates on venues, both on the coast of the Black Sea as on the North Sea.
The cultural exchange project 'Now Wakes The Sea' started in 2012 with the exchange of The Netherlands and Turkey in the context of NLTR400. Satelietgroep is very proud to be selected for the program for Russia, called NLFR2013. ECF provides funding to continue the project with Moldova and Georgia.

Maarten Boswijk @Badgast

| 2013-06-09 18:35:21

Photographer Maarten Boswijk (1988) was during June artist in resident of Badgast. He called his project ' When Sea Saw Summer'.
Among his previous works are the projects 'Where have all the songbirds gone?' on the island Heligoland, about 70 kilometres from the German coastline in the North Sea, and 'Eventually, when the roads get better' on the coast of the Black Sea in Bulgaria.

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