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Borderscape @Stellingname

| 2013-06-20 11:21:56

Finissage 'Stellingname' at Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen
June 22 starting at sunset:

The screeningprogram is called 'borderscape’ and is themed around the new videowork by Francois Lombarts, who swam the ditches of the polder to understand it. About cyclic approaches of mud, or dilution of water-land, of surviving in the water, on the edge, on the land, on a dike.

01 Francois Lombarts - 'Sinking into the Landscape' (2013) 12  min 
During ‘Stellingname’ Francois swam through the polder to understand it.

02 Wim T. Schippers (NL) - Flesje limonade gazeuse in zee bij Petten 0'51 min
Re-enactment of 1961; source: internet.

03 Silvie Zijlmans (NL) - 'The wishing well' 3 min

04 Cecily Brennan (Ireland) - 'Unstrung' (2007) 2 min
A video installation exploring the vulnerability of the human body and psyche.

05 Marie Lorenz (USA) - Capsize (2010) 7’39 min
This video was shot off the coast of Ostia in Italy. I was recording my first experiment with a sailboat that I built at the American Academy in Rome. I capsized the boat and swam back to shore. I saved the video camera by holding it in my mouth as I swam.

06 Diego Maclean (Canada) - 
‘The art of drowning’ (2009) 2'08 min
The Art of Drowning is a short animated film directed by Diego Maclean. It is based on a poem by the same name written by American poet Billy Collins. In it we ponder the possibilities of what awaits us at the end of our lives.

07 Arthur Kleinjan (NL) - 'Follow the Sea' (2007) 3'20 min
A swimming pool located next to the ocean is the setting of this video in which a man slowly swims towards the horizon. As he reaches the edge of the pool, he stops and repeatedly jumps up and down. The atmosphere is charged by engaging music which transforms the setting into a psychological landscape where the swimmer is suspended between movement and immobility. Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Ron Mandos.

08 Montserrat Rodríguez (Spain) - Fragmentos of observación (2011) 3 min
The cycle time. Everything is repeated again and again, as a reminder, as if I myself observed from a far. As I look at my actions may seem repetitive...

09 Pé Okx  (NL)- Westfriese Omloop/Westfrisian Walk Around (2010) - 45 min
For one year Dutch artist Pé Okx walked the Westfriese Omringdijk, in the north of Holland. In a yearlong project, each month he walked a section of the dike for one day, from sunrise till sunset, taking a photograph every three steps. A very slow walk through the countryside. Where he stopped at the end of each day, he continued his walk one month later, again at sunrise. Through all kinds of weather, in spring and fall, he examined the perception of time. More than 40.000 pictures are mounted into a movie of 45 minutes. Because of the on-going image sequence the spectator travels with high speed through days and seasons. Every time a day ends and a new one begins, one month is gone. The notion of ‘time’ is seen from another perspective. The movie shows the beauty and dynamic of the Dutch landscape in an intriguing way.

Filmavond 'Borderscape', foto Rob te Riet.

Still 'Unstrung' - Cecely Brennan.

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