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Public Expedition Zandmotor#16

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Register now during Climate as Artifact, 23018
four participants per day can join the artist for the making of Eight Working Hours on the Zandmotor. Registration in advance is required. On October 25, 26, 27 and 28 and November 1, 2, 3 and 4 you can join at 14:00 at the Electriciteitsfabriek, with a bike and dressed for outdoor; return is scheluded at 17:30.


Eighteen Coffee Breaks – Eight Working Hours is a triptych composed of two stop-motion films and a sound piece made by Jordy Walker. The work is inspired by the creation of that hybrid landscape and aims to bring it back to a human scale. With this work, Dutch artist Maurice Meewisse explores the relationship between the landscape, the local and social history of the Zandmotor. 


Eighteen Coffee Breaks, 2017

During his artist-in-residency with Satellietgroep at the Zandmotor (Mondriaan Fonds Binnenland Gastatelier Programma 2017), Meewisse realized the first part, called Eighteen Coffee Breaks. The Zandmotor is in a way an accomplishment of industry, the result of human endeavour, even though it is experienced as nature. Meewisse introduced the coffee break, a very important daily ritual.


The third part is made during Cllimate as Artifact in 2018. During eight public expeditions to the Zandmotor, Meewisse invites a maximum of four participants per day to join the making of Eight Working Hours.

The premiere is on November 8, 2018 in parallel with the premiere of the work of Lotte Geeven, fellow resident in 2017.


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