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Satellietgroep @Summernest

actueel | 2011-07-25 00:39:54

Uitnodiging Summernest
Nest organiseert Summernest, de jaarlijkse presentatie van De DCR, Den Haag. Samenstelling door Noor Mertens.
Opening door Wim de Bie op zaterdag 30 juli 2011 om 16.00 uur. Tentoonstelling van 31 juli t/m 28 augustus 2011, do t/m zo 13.00 – 17.00 uur. Programma: |

Satellietgroep neemt deel aan de jaarlijkse presentatie van De DCR met een selectie van werken uit haar eigentijdse zeecollectie.

Saturday July 30 at 16:00 is the opening of Summernest at Nest, The Hague.
Nest is based in the DCR, where a broad range of artists, designers, architects and performers work, organisations DansLab, Loos and Zeebelt run a public program, Gueststudio has an international air
program and the studio of Satellietgroep is based. Both professionals and organisation will present at Summernest. Noor Mertens is invited as curator of Summernest.

The contribution of Satellietgroep is curated by artist James Geurts (BADGAST July 2010) who has worked with Satellietgroep as co-curator since March 2011. Works on display are: 
Mini Badgast, 2010, Refunc, recycle architecten, builders of BADGAST in 2009; 'Lettering on BADGAST' by Duel (2009); 'Samenzijn / Being Together', video 20', by Sieko Kloosterhuis (BADGAST Nov 2010); 'Coastal Reckoning', salt distillation residue, Ronald Boer + Valerie Dempsey (BADGAST Sept 2010).

The work of Ronald Boer and Valerie Dempsey is also on show in Edinburgh, see below.

Sieko Kloosterhuis, 'Tranenzee / Sea of Tears', 2010.

Ronald Boer + Valerie Dempsey, 'Beach Laboratory', 2010. Photo: Thijs Molenaar.

The work of Ronald Boer and Valerie Dempsey is also on show in Edinburgh:
Edinburgh College of Art: Tent Gallery
Somewhere in Time: Postliminal
4 – 26 August 2011

Somewhere in Time presents Postliminal, a group exhibition engaging with the idea of satellite and the broader connotations of the term. Selected artists have been invited from Scotland, the Netherlands, Japan and the USA to create new work in response to this theme.Each work exhibited in the Tent Gallery has a corresponding piece, or satellite work, existing simultaneously in a different geographical location. These respective locations will provide an international context that allows for a periscope viewing of the wider exhibition. Artists’ individual work will span a diverse range of approaches and include a choreography for dust dispersal, a beach laboratory exploring the salt industry and a performative work tracing wind direction.

Participating artists: Chandra Casali-Bell & Jennifer Littlejohn; Valerie Dempsey & Ronald Boer; Eddy Van Mourik; Christine Morrison; Malize McBride; Rebecca Beachy; Shinya Aota; Yasunori Kawamatsu. |

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