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Danilo Murru @Badgast

badgast | 2010-09-14 09:25:02

We warmly welcome you to the presentation 'Sea-Ciety' by Danilo Murru (IT).

U bent van harte welkom om de presentatie van 'Sea-Ciety' door Danlio Murru (IT) bij te wonen:

Tijd: Zondag 3 oktober 2010 van 14 - 17 u
Special guest om 16 u: Jan de Graaf (stedenbouwkundige) verhaalt uit zijn nog steeds niet geschreven essay  'het nut van eb'
Locatie: BADGAST@ F.A.S.T. aan de boulevard (Strandweg)van Scheveningen bij de haven.
Kledingsdvies: outdoor

Sea-ciety is an on-going project, which aims to offer a close-up observation of one nation (or more) in relation to its coastline. More specifically a parallel exploration of both, the coastline in its own natural expression and the way in which the society relates to it. These two elements are linked together by a common denominator utilised here as a tool of analysis: the tidal movement.
The tidal range can also be seen as a metaphor to deliver a clear message on the rising level of oceanic water and the effect of this on the coast throughout the globe.

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