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Nathalie Fixon and Nadine O'Garra @Badgast

badgast | 2011-06-20 09:05:40

Presentatie: 30 juni om 21 uur
Locatie: Cinema aan zee @ BADGAST
Toegang gratis, dresscode: outdoor

U bent van harte welkom op donderdagavond 30 juni bij de presentatie van Nadine O'Garra (circus performer) en Nathalie Fixon (fotograaf) beiden uit Spanje. Het wordt een bijzondere avond over lichtvervuiling aan zee met een stop motion animatie in de openlucht Cinema en een live performance .

In June Nadine O╩╝Garra (circus/performing arts, ES) and Nathalie Fixon (photography, ES) will work at BADGAST. They work towards the meeting and mating of performing arts and photography. This is developed throughout stop motion photography, a hybrid between video and photography: shooting a scene photo by photo. Their work is focussed on making a visual chronicle about the pollution and massification which our coasts are being systematically subjected to, treating themes, such coastal light pollution or mass tourism. The overall idea is to bring the audience to a performative projection soirée combining projections in stop motion, with moments of live interaction of choreographies of light reflecting on the sea, creating dancing reflections.

Nathalie and Nadine

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