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| 2011-11-10 13:06:49

Overall public use of waterfronts is under great pressure. Urban coastal developments seem to neglect the public, social and cultural importance of urban life at these seafronts. These developments show a tendency to focus on strategies that exclude local people and migration movements from the shores and emphasizes on touristic visitors as a more interesting source of revenues. That may lead to conflicts, estrangements, loss of heritage and loss of more informal cultural and economic uses of public coastal space.

Arts and science can express the spatial and social qualities - as well as the problems - of our coastal areas, and make them engagingly accessible to the public. These works can transform a destination normally marked by consumption and recreation into a platform for critical communication and serious reflection. This timely reflection of art and culture on spatial transition processes may act as a strong catalyst in generating public and professional awareness and connect contemporary research and new works to historic and future coastal developments.


‘Now Wakes The Sea’  is an exchange project Black Sea/North Sea. It is an open invitation to develop new strategies by artists, filmmakers, urbanists and locals for public and social interventions, which could open up new vistas on the relationship of cities and residents of the Black Sea and North Sea coastline.
The project will involve research based air programs for artists/filmmakers in coastal transistion areas around the Black Sea to develop new works, select existing works and program a travelling filmfestival for screening on venues, both on the Black Sea as well as on The North Sea coast.

Satellietgroep develops an international cultural collaboration network to focus on the pressure on public coastal transition areas.
Starting 2009 Satellietgroep researched the exchange project 'Concerning the sea - Compare, Combine or Conflict?'. In the screening program CCC @ Istanbul 2010 Satellietgroep screened 14 videoworks - both conceptual and documentary - that reflect on the conceptual, social and urban impact of the sea and waterways in both Turkey and The Netherlands.  Artist Talks, lectures and a researchtrip along the coastline of the Bosporus and Golden Horn were part of the project. In exchange we screened a selection of the program - with contributions of both Dutch, Turkish artist/filmmakers and projects evolved from the artist in residence program at Badgast  - in the Cinema at Sea @ Badgast in the Netherlands in 2011. In 2011 we started building a network around the Black Sea and North Sea, and participated in Tandem Study Visits to Moldova and Ukraine, as well as a research trip to Romania. In 2012, next to the fieldtrip to Istanbul to prepare the NLTR400 program at Sinop and The Hague, we prepare visits to Russia, Georgia and Ukraine as well as Romania and Bulgaria.

With special thanks for contributions by: Imre Azem, Cevdet Erek, Sefer Memisoglu, Derya Demir, Teike Asselbergs, Simone Pekelsma, Orhan Esen, Bram Vermeulen, Manon Bovenkerk, Maurits van der Laar, Gaston ten Horn, Maarten de Kroon, and many more!


The Black Sea is surrounded by seven countries: Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia and Georgia. Seven countries in transition, either due to post-industrial changes and/or huge economic developments. Urban coastal areas reflect these transition processes, as shifts in economics and tourism greatly affect the living environment of cities and its residents. The Black Sea is fed by both river as seawater and shifts in the balance of a salt-sweet water as well as the predicted drop of the sealevel of the Black Sea form a constant threat for flora and fauna as well as for drinking water.


The North Sea is surrounded by five countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, United KIngdom, Denmark and Norway. Next to the pressure on the use and regulations of the North Sea the rising sealevel in the North Sea due to global warming forms a constant threat for safety of the surrounding shores.

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