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Preparing CCC @ Scheveningen

cinema | 2011-06-20 08:47:39

Screening CCC @ Istanbul 2010 in Cinema at Sea @ Scheveningen 2011
Expected dates: August 18 + 25, 2011
Location: Cinema At Sea @ BADGAST

In 2010 we developed and presented the screening program CCC@Istanbul (Compare, Combine or Conflict?) with 14 conceptual and documentary works that reflect on the impact of the sea and waterways in both Turkey and The Netherlands. In exchange we screen CCC at the Cinema at Sea in the Netherlands in August 2011.
Following CCC we develop a network around the coasts of the Black Sea/North Sea for artist in residence programs and screenings.

Satellietgroep is based since 2006 in The Hague, The Netherlands, a country with a strong historic art and innovative relationship with the sea. Satellietgroep has an embedded art and culture approach to researching the way the sea and waterways influences cities and people. We aim to research the pressure on public, social and cultural use on the waterfronts and develop new concepts and strategies focused on a new approach of future sea and coastal urban areas.
Our international network is transdisciplinairy, and consists of artists, filmmakers, (landscape) architects and urbanists. We have a research based artists in residence program BADGAST on the Dutch coast, the open air Cinema at Sea and visionairy Talks @ Sea.

Arts and science can express the spatial and social qualities - as well as the problems - of our coastal areas, and make them engagingly accessible to the public. These works can transform a destination normally marked by consumption and recreation into a platform for critical communication and serious reflection. This timely reflection of art and culture on spatial transition processes may act as a strong catalyst in generating public and professional discussions and connect contemporary research and new works to historic and future coastal developments.

SEE: this website CCC @ ISTANBUL 2010

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