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Field trip to Nida Art Colony (LT)

| 2014-01-27 16:46:48


Satellietgroep - Ronald Boer, Jacqueline Heerema and philosopher Bram Esser -  visited Nida for research in January and curator Vytautas Michelkevičius will visit The Hague as resident at DCR Gueststudio in Februari.

Satellietgroep is part of the curatorial board and in collaboration with Nida Art Colony is currently developing the Inter-format Symposium at Nida in Lithuania called 'On Flux of Sand and Aquatic Ecosystems' in May. Both Satellietgroep and Nida Art Colony are located in coastal transition areas, in which on local scale man-made ecosystems are enormously affected by worldwide prospects of climate change, shifting economics, politics and tourism.

Nida Art Colony is based in the middle of the Curonian Spit between Baltic Sea and Lagoon in Lithuania. Photo credits: Satellite photo by Landsat (NASA) 2000.

Nida Art Colony is located in the middle of Curonian Spit (included in the UNESCO World Heritage List) which is a 100km long geological formation (peninsula) of sand, dividing the Baltic Sea with it’s salty water ecosystem, and the Curonian Lagoon with fresh water ecosystem. Therefore the specific issues of the site are raised to discuss the globally relevant problems.

Baltic Sea at NIda, January 2014 (LT)

Frozen lagoon at Nida, January 2014 (LT)

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