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ElementsLab, ArtScience Interfaculty @ Zandmotor

| 2016-08-05 18:27:06


Starting September 2015 until May 2016 Satellietgroep engages with lectors, students and experts to enhance the scope of artistic fieldwork on the Zandmotor as part of the Interfaculty ArtScience program.
ArtScience offers an interdisciplinary bachelor’s and master’s programme that fosters curiosity driven research as an approach for the making of art. The Elements is an outside coastal lab situated along the North Sea at the Zandmotor south of The Hague. What does it mean to work in a dynamic intertidal environment, where the tides are dictating time and seasons are close to our skin? The lab has a phenomenologist approach, stimulates students to play, wander, explore and focus on elements in their own way, where also their own sensorial body in relation to this dynamic landscape can be considered as an element. More: |

ElementsLab, ArtScience Interfaculty
Link to video made by Victoria Douka-Doukopoulou:

ArtScience, ElementsLab: still from video by Victoria Douka-Doukopoulou.

ArtScience, ElementsLab: Sanddress by Aisha Ryannon Pagnes, still from video by Nina Leziac.


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