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Public Expedition Zandmotor#5

| 2018-07-28 23:53:09



Location: Zandmotor, near Argusmast
Dresscode: Outdoor

Satellietgroep and Laboratory for Microclimates (LfM) cordially invite you to the first open air pop-up CineMare at the Zandmotor. The Climate Rescue Unit of LfM is turned into a mobile Cinema. Before screening of the cinematographic impression by LfM you are invited to enjoy a taste of the coast specially selected and prepared with coastal ingredients by Jonmar van Vlijmen, Onkruidenier. LfM performed extensive artistic research and present at CineMare an unusual perpective of the Zandmotor, filmed from the sea and from within the sea that surrounds, shapes and transforms the Zandmotor, as Building with Nature. Artist Annechien Meier and filmmaker Gert-Jan Gerlach have combined their expertises in the Laboratory of Microclimates. A microclimate is a small area which differs from its surrounding environment. On the scale of the Dutch coastline the Zandmotor can be perceived as a microclimate. A new landscaped, uncultivated coast where the initial flora and fauna cautiously re-settle.The Laboratory of Microclimates aims to activate people's perceptions about their immediate social, ecological environment and the climate in general through installations, performances and visual media.
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With special thanks to Martin Hoogslag, the Haaglanden Monster Rescue Brigade,, Max Radermacher (TU Delft, Project NatureCoast, PhD-candidate), Dare2Tri wetsuits, Provincie Zuid-Holland, Stroom and DOEN Foundation.

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