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Satellietgroep (Jacqueline Heerema & Ronald Boer) is invited by LMCC and the Dutch Consulate for a research residency at Governors Island, New York City.

The project ‘Coexistence of man and water - Liminal Labs#3’ focuses on two urbanized deltas: The Netherlands and New York City. Both are water-based social-ecological systems, faced with major climate changes and due to the rapid growth and demands of urbanization the pressure on this area increases. Also, with a shared history in trade, building waterfronts and the impact of floods while these coastal areas tend to change into economic sources of pleasure and touristic venues. Water has always been the catalyst for migration of invasive natural species, people, artefacts, knowledge and experience.

Conversation piece#1: Vista

Conversation piece#2: Timeline

Conversation piece#3: Water Library

Water Samples we collected and donated to LMCC as the start of a Water Library for NYC:

Water Library NYC#1: East River, collected under Manhattan Bridge with artist Takashi Horisaki.

Water Library NYC#2: Hudson River, collected in Morris Canal with Carter Craft, Dutch Consulate.

Water Library NYC#3: Red Hook, collected with artist Carmen Bouyer, resident at Pioneer Works.

Water Library NYC#4: New Town Creek, collected with artist Dylan Gauthier, resident at ISCP.

2015: Sarah Cameron Sunde (USA) exchange artist in residence at Zandmotor (NL)

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