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Who is nature?
Essay by Satellietgroep - Lotte Bosman, Jacqueline Heerema - is published in '
The urbanization of the sea'. This book tells the story of the sea-land continuum based on the case of the North Sea with versatile projects from academia, art, literature and practice, from analysis to design.
Published by nai010 publishers: Link and TU Deflt: Link

Beyond Technology Magazine
The publication Beyond Technology Magazine reflects on the process of the 4 steps education program called EXPLORE, COLLECT, SHARE & LEARN and is first presented during the cross-border MEDUWA Meeting. The initiative for this education pilot stems from the need to approach challenges in the environment from a versatile perspective. A new method to bring students of art, technical and social sciences together with the public. Beyond Technology is a collaboration of University of Twente, Satellietgroep and Art & Design Academy ArtEZ, funded by Von Braun Stiftung.

Pioneering Zandmotor
Zandmotor as source to rethink anthropogenic coastal modifications of cultural public space.
Essay by Jacqueline Heerema, co-founder and artist-curator of Satellietgroep.
Keywords: Art, polyphonic discourse, co-creation of experiential knowledge, vital learning environment, public climate-consciousness.
Publication forthcoming in Research in Urbanism Series (RiUS), TU Delf in 2020. Preview: link

Ongoing 24/7 permanent open-air exhibition Zeespiegel - Mirror on the Sea
on the boulevard of Scheveningen: link

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