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Pre-program Climate as Artifact

| 2018-08-30 14:56:47

Starting January 2018 we launched the question 'Who is nature?'
& developed the pre-program to introduce the artists and designers & their research, questions and fascinations to share with each other, with scientists and the public.

Image: Zeelab#2 'Climate as Game Changer' during Border Sessions The Hague.

In 2018 we rethink our perceptions of culture and nature.

Expedition Zandmotor#13: Innovatory Heritage
Hosted by The Centre for Global Heritage and Development, Leiden University, Erasmus University, the Design & History research group at TU Delft, and the VU Amsterdam research institute CLUE+, with special thanks to Blow Beach House.

We started the education program with 75 pupils of Technasium Maris College The Hague to discover if climate change is (allready) present in our daily environments.

Kusthal Kijkduin, a warehouse at the seaside as temporary art workspace & learning environment & Expedition Zandmotor#14 with pupils Technasium, with special thanks to Hoogheemraadschap Delfland and St. Ark
Hosted artists-in-residence Stef Veldhuis & Julia Helder (Music by Oceans), Austin Camilleri (Malta), Onkruidenier and Masha Ru.

Zeelab#1: Uptime_ icw exhibition space Nest during Festival Designkwartier in The Hague
With Lotte Geeven, Yeb Wiersma, Vibeke Mascini, Oscar Santillán, Aliki van der Kruijs &  Jos Klarenbeek, Josje Hattink, Esther Kokmeijer, Giuseppe Licari, Nishiko, Lonny van Ryswyck (Atelier NL). 
In dialogue met scientists Ruben Jacobs (cultural sociologist), Bert van der Valk (geologist), Gerbrant van Vledder (oceanograper), Henk Oosterling (philosopher), Tanya Lippmann (climate scientist), Alexander van Oudenhoven (environmental scientist). Artist-in-residence Austin Camilleri (Malta) and Suzanne Wallinga (curator).

Moderators: Luuk Heezen and Valentijn Byvanck.

Zeelab#2: Climate as Game Changer during Border Sessions Labs in The Hague
With artists Onkruidenier (Jonmar van Vlijmen en Ronald Boer), Marit Mihklepp en Masha Ru, designer Thijs de Zeeuw. In dialogue with Mans Schepers (archeo botanist, archeologist, RUG), Harrie van der Hagen (ecologist Dunea) and Jan de Graaf (urbanist, sea expert).

& we wrote a motion on behalf of the North Sea for parallel lab 'Ambassy of the North Sea' (Dutch Only)

Gave a talk 'The Culture of Nature' at ISISA Islands of the World Conference 2018 conference, at Terschelling hosted by Waddenacademie
Gave a talk 'Who is Nature?' during Viscous Space North Sea conference at TU Delft, hosted by Centre for Global Heritage and Development en History of Architecture and Urban Planning)
& wrote an article 'Who is Nature?' for Viscous Space North Sea (TU Delft)

Organized 2 guided tours called Warming Up 1 & 2 along the 24/7 public exhibition Zeespiegel (boulevard Scheveningen) and on the Zandmotor.

Present a Preview of Climate as Artifact: on September 8 in the Electriciteitsfabriek during DCR Pleinfestival, and on Sunday September 9, during Festival Het Circus at the nearby neighbourhood park, De Verademing.

Gave a talk on board the ship that travelled around Tiengemeten during Festival 'Het Laaste Eiland'.
We are part of the international exchange program called 'Sources & Resources’ Terschelling (NL) -Praputnjak (Croatia) as part of Tandem Fryslan, hosted by ECF and MidOst, LF2018 & more
& gave a talk 'There is never one story to tell' at Rijeka, EU Cultural Capital 2020

We participate in Exploded View, hosted by Zone2Source and VU-CLUE+
& gave a talk 'Who is heritage?' at VU Amsterdam.

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