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The Culture of Nature

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The arts offer a dialogical space. A portal to rethink perceptions of culture and nature. Faced with serious environmental challenges, we need to develop an other understanding of the world and of the self. The current (visual) idiom is incited to develop a deeper understanding, that includes non-human narratives. We may have to acknowledge that people are nature and nature has become culture.

2018: Article 'Who is nature?' publication forthcoming 2020.
How visual narratives in art and design can overturn prevailing understandings of environment. Talsk and essay by artists' collective Satellietgroep, Lotte Bosman & Jacqueline Heerema; Viscous Space North Sea Conference, TU Deflt 2018.

2019: Article 'Zandmotor a cultural phenomenon' is published in TU Delft publication.
(APA): Luijendijk, A., & van Oudenhoven, A. (Eds.) (2019). The Sand Motor: A Nature-Based Response to Climate Change: Findings and Reflections of the Interdisciplinary Research Program NatureCoast. Delft: Delft University Publishers - TU Delft Library.

Publication Badgast (2013)
Publication Now Wakes The Sea (2013)
S.MAG#2 (2008)
S.MAG#1 (2007)

2006 - now: overview artist-in-residency (AiR for artistic field research) & public programs (arts, sciences, public expeditions, exhibitions, talks):
Climate as Artifact (2018)
Who is nature? (2018)
AiR Zandgast, Zandmotor (2014-now)
AiR Zandmotor, Mondriaan Fonds Binnenland Gastatelier (2017)
Prospectors, Intersections Art Rotterdam (2017)
AiR DCR Gueststudios, The Hague (2013-2018)
Polders, Wadden Sea, Afsluitdijk & more (2013 - now)
AiR Now Wakes The Sea, international exchange programs (2012-now)
AiR Badgast, Scheveningen (2009-2015)

Satellieteiland (nomadic, 2006-2009) 
To whom belongs the sea? (2006-now)

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