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Locals Only#1

| 2014-03-26 12:27:11

March 2014

First year student Fine Arts at Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague is Mattia Papp. He was for 1 week artist in residence of ‘Badgast’ by Satellietgroep as part of the program ‘Locals Only’.
He presented his work 'Twenty Eight Lights' during the North Sea Conference, March 13. Guests were invited to rearrange the canvasses. The new arrangement is photographed. The photo is send by email to the participant.

Mattia: "Hi, my name is Mattia Papp, I’m a painter.
I was born in Florence twenty years ago, raised up there, surrounded by renaissance masters, classical beauty and an astonishing yellow light. I spent my summers at Elba’s island, in Tuscany, blue sea, warm climate and more yellow light. Two years ago it was enough, I wasn’t able to handle it anymore, I had to move.
I came here in Holland to study art at the KABK in Den Haag, searching for a new mood. Something more rational, colder and more contemporary. Searching for the same love that moved Vermeer. I needed these new things. I needed the white light of Netherlands, a light that tells the truth, colors as they are without any filters. Nor the warm filter from Mediterranean sea, neither the blue grey one from Germany and England.
My project at 'Badgast' was about this Dutch light, the wind and the black and grey Nordic sea.
I made four canvasses per day for one week. One at 9 o’ clock in the morning, one at 12:00, one at 15:00 and one at 17:00. These are the hours of the day where the light changes in the most significant way. Also by following a diet of fish, I’ve been able to totally immerge myself in the Nordic sea atmosphere. I worked on this project with discipline and strict attitude.
The result consists of twenty-eight canvases (30X30cm), assembled as one piece, not organized and not following the order of production of the single pieces. It represents one unique sea landscape (120 cm X 240 cm): the Scheveningen sea shore. Each of the canvases is independent, as independent is this white light, immortal, the symbol of a mayor inspiration that I’m desperately looking for.
In fact the viewer is able to switch the canvases of the opera as he or she wants, as he or she feels like. Free from any logic and free from any human time parameter.
I just wanted to capture the light and not the scenery in this work.
Just the light."

Mattia working at Scheveningen beach.


Een jonge bezoeker: 'Kijk mama, elk schilderijtje is een heel landschap'

Interactive performance during North Sea Conference, Provinciehuis Den Haag, maart 2014.

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